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    OK So I have Rebuilt and Installed my Engine Now What Do I Do?

    Had a 96 900. Converted to a 1050 with 1050 heads and carbs from a 98 1050

    I have replaced the crank with a low hour crank. I have installed new cylinders and a new upper end kit from Jkwaterparts. A good set of stock domes and a set of 40mm carbs with the stock 1050 jetting.

    So after I prime the oil pump and fill the gas tank then what.

    Do I run premix in addition to my oil injection?

    If so what ratio and how many gallons.

    Is there a break-in period for a topend rebuild?

    If so what do I do and for how long.

    Is there anything else I have to do. Timing, idle adjustment, pump alignment, ext.....

    Also can I use automotive grease to grease the pump to hull fitting. And what is the proper sealant to use around the rubber orings for the engine water pickup and bilged pickup?

    Thanks guys I will let you all know how it goes.

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    ok, lots of questions, I am sure someone else will chime in. YES run premix, 40:1 or 50:1. I prefer 40. Yes automotive grease is ok, just use a good one. I like redline. Yes silicone is fine. I use a black rtv. (I get it from work (wink) so can't give you the brand).
    Run at least one full tank of gas with premix, keep note of your oil level to make sure the pump is working. Never go one consistent speed, do not go full throttle for any extended perioud of time. Vary your throttle for the first few gallons. After the first tank of gas you should be good to go. I would do a few plug chops, make sure you aren't running way out. will be running a bit of discoloration on the plugs because of the extra oil. Just remember rich is better than lean. I believe i got them all.. Goodluck..

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    Yes you HAVE to do a pump-Engine alighnment. Beerdart has the tool for rent or for sale he even supplies the shims. This is a must for engine replacement..

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