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    gp1200r conclusion

    well guys youve carried me this far
    got the oil pump off and block off plate on
    got the intake piping back on
    new rings on #1 and #2 with the jugs back on
    waiting on the jug i bought to complete
    when i get ready to start i will have just straight gas in the lines and carbs and premix in the tank so how do i prevent damage to the engine while the premix is making it to the internals since the oil injunktion is now disabled

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    Carbs only hold a small amount of fuel, blow the lines out so you will get fresh fuel in them. Did you cap off the oil injection inlets on the carbs? These can be used for primer lines also.

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    Wink Excellent..

    Hey there JW..

    You gotta be feeling pretty good with yourself for getting this far..

    Let me be the first to say well done on doing it yourself..!!

    Ok as for the fuel no oil thing..

    I'd probabaly just crank it over a good few times with either the plugs out..!!
    Or holding the stop button in as you press the start button,
    This stops the sparkplugs from sparking.. i'd go option 1 myself..!!
    When cranking it over squeeze the throttle in and out..
    I'm sure there's a way to drain the carbs.. let me think about it..

    Are you staying stock for now..??? no headwork etc..


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    thanks quad yes i do feel pretty good bout the work
    yes staying stock for now prob do some work over the winter
    maybe do a holeshot kit after i break it in and such

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