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    Just bought 04 GXP supercharge..need help


    I just bought a good condition 2004 GXP supercharge, it's in fairly good condition except the seat have been sun damage. Both the front and back seat have brownish fade / dots on them. The owner said that its from sun damage, but no scratches or tears in the seats.

    I am new to Sea Doos, is there a place (website, store) I can get the seats replaced for cheap? I'm not looking to spend $700 to get brand new seats.


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    do u mean rxp theres loads of covers on e bay around $200

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    a GTX? is it yellow with silver seats and black hood?

    2004... front seat and rear seat.. i'm thinking you bought some 3-seater GXT 4-tec model

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    M-line seat cover.

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    I am also under the assumption you have a GTX(don't know if you even noticed but you listed the ski as a GXP, but no big deal)

    Check out Jerry's store, great prices with awesome products.... shipping is seamless and if you put in the discout code you will get 10% off too!!!
    Check out this link and see if you have a cover for your ski that may match your ski's color...

    Jerry is the man and these are the Jettrim covers, real high quality stuff, but all of the above are good options.

    The final option I could suggest is going into the classifieds section under seadoo and make a title of it: WTB(want to buy) 04 GTX seats.
    Some people have these laying around sometimes(depending on how lucky you are) and may have them in really good condition.... decent prices too but you may get a bend on shipping due to there weight and depending on your location....

    Good luck Buddy!!!!

    And seeing as no one has said it yet... Welcome to the Forum!!!!

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    ah crap..thanks

    I'm new to SeaDoos I don't know the models is yellow GTX 4 tec supercharged

    I don't know where I got GXP from


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