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Thread: Intake Grate

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    Intake Grate

    I need to purchase a new intake grate for my 05 Sportster SCIC. Long story short.....The front mounting screw must have broken off and last weekend when I beached the boat the sand must have pulled the grate completly off.

    It appears that all the mounting holes are fine (it looks like the force of the waves pushing the boat into the sand must have snapped it right off)

    Anyways, I need to purchase a new one and was if anyone has purchased the ones for sale here for their sport boat? Do they fit?

    Any suggestions appreciated


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    Has no body replaced their intake grate on their boat???.

    I want to know if it will fit the sport boat before I buy.


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    I sucked in a tow rope and broke the grate in half on my 2006 speedster 150. I bought a new one from the dealer for a little less than $60 I think. The 3 holes on the aft end are blind with threaded inserts, but the forward one is a through hole. I found out the hard way by launching without the grate. The bilge pump works though! Its a little difficult to reinstall the forward bolt as you need to reach down under the engine to make sure the bolt (which is held in place by goop) doesnt come loose when you install the bolt.

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    Intake Grate

    I Have A 2004 Sportster Le Di. I Sucked A Tow Rope Up Into The Grate And When I Went To Take It Off The Front Two Bolts Broke Off. It Looks Like They Are Under About An Inch Of Silicone. From Looking At The Inside Engine Bay. Has Any One Delt With This Before?

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