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    Warning is this possible ?? 4 tec motors

    A week ago i got water in my motor like loaded !! did all the proper things like remove SC hose tip ski upwards (used a forklift)..Cranked the engine to expell water from cylinders (keep this in mind CRANKED like it says in the books)'ll see why later on in this email...So i sprayed WD40 into displace any mosture in cylinders. it fired up it should...

    Two days later it would not start....UM looked in cylinders and more mosture...strange...where is the water coming from ??? belive it or not...water in the gas tank...(ski was flipped over thats how water got into the tank im told)...

    So now the dealer tells me that the water is all out and there is exsesive oil in the cylinders...they called BRP and they dont really have an answer....The suggested that the water washed the oil off the cylinders and may have scored the walls and oil is getting by.

    What do you guys think ????
    Please only constructive replys at this point ...SAD SEADOO OWNER..

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    WD-40 isn't a great "fogging" fluid for a motor that just drowned, but regardless... get fresh plugs in there, see if it will start, if so, flush it on the hose for 5 minutes and get it good and hot. Make sure the oil is clean still and no water contamination...

    was the intake manifold removed and drained? or basicallt just tilted open and drained? ... could still be water in there

    if it seems to idle and run smooth, take your pick.... take it for a ride or do a leak down test on it.

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    It could happen. It would mostly depend on how long it took to get the water out and get it back up and running and how much cranking you did to try to get it to start, i.e., after you blew the water out of the spark plugs holes and put it all back together, did it fire up pretty quick or did you have to crank it for 30 minutes or so? Usually, fuel wash is what causes the pistons to scuff the cylinder walls. And fuel wash can occur if you have to keep cranking it forever to get it to start. The proper way to start it would be to crank a little (minute or less) and then introduce starting fluid if it won't start. That way, you don't fuel load the motor. If you crank it while holding the throttle wot, it will also not add any fuel.

    I would change the oil a couple of times, make sure you have fresh gas, and do a leak down test. If the leak down is ok, then it likely has a good seal and that's not where the oil is coming from.

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    If you have an aftermarket IC... have to blow them out with hose off the TB.

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    You need to get EVERY last drop of gasoline out of that tank. Water and gas don't mix, and water goes to the bottom of the tank...right where your fuel pickup resides. This will play havoc on your ski. I went thru something similar a few weeks back.

    -Get ALL of the water/gas out of the tank. Put in fresh gas.
    -Mix in a bottle of "HEET" from auto zone.
    -Remove your injector rail, and injectors, and pour the gas/water mix out of it.
    -Remove your plugs and clean any water/gas mix off with isopropyl alcohol, and air dry.
    -Re-assembly with new gas, and it should start pretty damn quick...maybe 2nd, 3rd time.
    -Go to the lake, and take it easy for a few minutes.
    -Slowly open it up, more and more.

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    and after you have changed the oil 6-7 times....yes you have to do that to get it all out, don´t forget to take your coils appart and spray them with WD-40

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