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    1 year old on RXP.

    Well, took my 1 year old daughter for her first ride on a PWC sunday when we had to shuttle them from the ramp to a beach upriver. She absolutely loved it, squealing with laughter the whole way with her bug catcher wide open (only got up to about 30 mph with her).

    So it's official, neither of my kids (both girls) have no fear whatsoever. lol

    I swear they will be the death of me.

    The funny thing is I had her on the GTX later on in the day, and she actually fell asleep as we were cruising down the river back to the ramp. Not sure how to interpret that one. lol

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    That's very cute. My brother has my gtx-sc and i have the rxp. Both of my nieces would rather ride the rxp and could care less about riding the gtx. They actually fight over whos turn it is.

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    My youngest, with pony tails slapping me in the face, ski topped out, said......faster daddy faster. (on a river, no traffic)

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    I took my son out when he was one and two and he absolutely loved it. But I tried to take him out this year at three and he doesnt want anything to do with it. Maybe it is because he fell off while I was jumping waves and I didnt notice him gone for about 45 minutes! Just kidding. He sits in front and we take it pretty easy.

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    Thomas - you need to get that kid in a tube!

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    I hear ya Thomas,

    I have 2 girls myself, 8 and 11. The youngest tells me to go faster, the 11 year old tells me to go a little faster, and my wife screams "SLOW DOWN" when I bust 35 mph.

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