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    Diffrent bore sizes.

    Can you run lets say 2 cylinders .5 over an one cylinder .75 over?? J/W because i dropped some psi on my pto due too an over heat an the ski had shut down. Not sure if i need a bore or not. Kinda hope i can get away with honing it.

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    Try honing or a used jug. I heard both yea and ney but I personally wouldn't "mix and match". YMMV

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    .25mm wouldn't matter that much, but Tony's got a good idea. Ebay has a number of 750 pistons, cyls and heads for a little more than a bore job. Plus you'll have a spare if need be.

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    I personally wouldn't mix and match, but if I had to, I would weigh all the pistons and grind on them until they are even. Good practice anyway.

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    I have talked to Ronnie at Sharp's about this, and he said that it won't hurt a thing. He said that the difference in piston weight is minor compared to how far "out of balance" most crankshafts are.

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    I would be more concerned with the difference in the power pulse .Capacity will be different .Not for me .


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    I was always of the school of thought that it wasn't good! but when I went to my local Racer Steve Gold at APS to get some cylinders 1200 bored he actually suggested the different bores however for the ease of parts and future repairs I went all the same

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