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    96 xp800 common problem?HELP!!

    When I put the key onto the ski I get the two beeps but when I press the start button it clicks from the rear box area. Anyone have a clue? I checked all fuses, replaced a 7.5 in the rear box, but still no go!!I also checked the front box, all good. HELLP!!

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    ive been going through this same thing! has the ski been running?if not check to see if starter is jammed. is battery good? all connections good especially ground?mine turned out to be the starter and battery

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    Put a test light between ground and the red wire on the starter. Hit the start button. If it lights up, it's your starter. If it doesn't it's your solenoid.

    Or it could all be a bad connection. Your battery must be charged and in condition for this test.

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    bryan you have mentioned puttuing a selenoid from a lawn tractor on
    but you have to ground how should you ground and what about the two wires(yellow and black) that are in the plug in connector at bottom of selenoid?

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    The black wire is ground, the yellow is the + that gets juice when you hit the start button.

    Cut the connector off, and put a crimp-on ring terminal on the black wire. I put that under the mounting screw becuase the base of the solenoid has to be grounded. The new solenoid used a spade-terminal for the activation so I put a femal spade connector on the yellow wire. Connected that up, and made sure it clicked when I hit the start button. Tightened everything down, put the starter wire back on and it's been great since.


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    thanx bryan

    you have been a big help ! i have learned alot from your replys to my questions as well as replys to others


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