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    Installing Block off Kit on 94 SL650

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to this whole PWC thing but have been in sleds all my life. I recently purchased a 1994 SL650 with a cracked cylinder (probably due to water freezing in it). I bought a new cylinder and installed new pistons with a .05mm oversize.

    I also purchased an oil block off kit, this seems to be a common mod. I wish i would have known about this on my 1995 XLT sled...went though 6 of those darn Fuji triples.

    Question is,

    I was trying to install it the other day and It does't look like there is sufficient room to do it with the engine in the ski, seems like the bottom bolt holding the oil pump on does not have clearance with the engine plate installed. I have no problem removing the engine, I just have a problem lining it up after we were done.

    Has anyone put on the block off kit on this type of ski without removing the engine?



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    hey dave i also have a 94 sl650 but i blew the motor and im putting a 750 inn it but on the 650 motor i did put the block off plate on wile the motor was in the ski.....i have th carbs off when i did it will prolly need a flash light and a mirror....hope this helps


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    Oil Pump

    Removing the oil pump (with the engine in the ski) is do-able but…. Extremely! , Extremely ! ….difficult, as you have to use a combination of mirrors to see. Be aware the Allen head bolts that hold the pump in place are Metric. Drain the tank before you remove the oil lines.

    I first tried to seal the Block-Off Plate using an O-ring, but discovered that just would not work.( Couldn’t get hands in there). I finally used thin gasket material (per call to SBT), (made a gasket) coating all sides with RTV, which sealed OK.

    I also wired in, a 33-35 ohm resistor in the oil indicator line to fool the MFD. ( I don’t know if the engine would start if the oil tank was empty or not since my MFD does not work)

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    Alright guys, thanks a lot,

    Working on these things is always so frustrating, there's no access to anything...well no easy access. As long as there is clearance, I have no concerns, I'll get it done.
    As for metric allen keys, that's not a problem, here In Canada we all have both sets of tools, Metric and imperial EH!

    Anyone have any other tips or tricks?


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