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Thread: impeller woes

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    impeller woes

    so, if you read my other thread about my starter, i ran into another problem. the ski starter cranking over but soon stopped. initially we though the motor was seized but after cranking it over by hand, the jet pump was making all the noise. i removed the whole unit and the motor cranks over freely again. the original owner had told me he put a new stainless steel impellar on. it has a solas impellar. unfortunetly its been grinding against the housing and got stuck. the edges are far from being sharp now, they are flat. the housing is scored. im going to take it to a prop specialist to see if it can be saved...if not im going to need a new one. what size should i get? also, can i start the ski and run it off the hose with no jet pump or will that cause problems?

    95 wavraider 1100, btw.

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    your going to need a new liner most people go with Plastic. For the prop I am sure it can be saved you can go to either or

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    i cant get the impellar off. basically all thats left is the last housing that the green cone attaches to and the impellar, but i dont know how to remove them.

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    You need a prop tool and a driveshaft holder. You can check cajundudes website

    I am not being a smart a$$ when I say this. Did you find the shop manual here in the forums ? That may help you a bunch

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    thanks for the link. wheredo you guys get the driveshaft spline holders and impellar tools? also, if i need a new wear ring, where can i get one? thanks

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