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    Thinking about going RXP....

    Hey SD Guys,

    OK, don't bash me off the SD Forum - I have been a Kawi fan for quite some time because of my Ultra 150 which is very realiable at 69.2 (GPS) and no down time. Heres the thing - I bought a Kawi Ultra 250X back in June - First 5 hrs were great - was turning 7890 RPM and 69.7 on GPS with minimal mods - At 6 hours the plugs fouled, at 8 hours the impellar came loose due to not being properly secured at Kawi - which took out the impellar, pump housing and the pump bearing - all replaced on Kawi's dime and now yesterday I get a OILH on the dash and called my dealer since I was on the water with out the book to check the codes - they tell me my oil level was high.... So I did an oil change and went back out this morning and 20 minutes into it - I get the OILH again - so WTF??? I check the book and OILH means oil overheating - needless to say it is back at the dealer and after I left I stopped at the Doo dealer - they have a red & white RXP still in the crate - now on hold for me....

    I just wanted some real feed back from you SD Guys on what you think about the ski....

    Your feed back would be greatly appreciated,


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    IMO -

    Sell the U250 now and ride the 150 for the rest of the summer and buy an 08 RXP next year. Or, keep both and trade the U250 in on an RXP next year.

    From the sounds of it Seadoo is bringing something good for 08. Don't want to be kicking yourself in the ass for getting an 07.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPower View Post
    IMO -

    keep both and trade the U250 in on an RXP next year.
    That sonds like the Adult choice. Just wait!!!!

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    Wait for the 08!

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    Ride the 150 for the rest of the year....

    In the winter trade the 250 in on a RXP, either a new 08' or leftover 07....If you get the 07, DO NOT put it in the water until you change the clutches to metal ones...

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    Wait till the dealers convention next week and you will see some new surprises! I would say either the Doo or Yamaha....... Doo I think will be rated @ 260 H.P. and as far as Yami. I dunno

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    I would say go 2007 change the washers as posted above.If its speed your looking for either of these will need to be modded to get ya up where everyone else is right now and the price on 07 will enable to get ya going with the extra bucks ya save to start the mod deal.Just my 2 cents.I dont think these 2008 are going to do 74-75 out of the box me think .So the money saved will give ya a good head start on a very provin reliable machine for upgrades

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    Buy The 2007! I Bought One Last Month For $9200. I Have Seen Them Recently For $9000. The 2008 Is Probably Going To Be Selling For $11,500+++++. They May Be High Hp But Still Probably Wont Be Over 70 Mph. Im Guessing Just A Different Supercharger Wheel W/ External Intercooler.

    My Thoughts For 2008 Are All About The Hull And Speed Of The Hull. We Dont Have Any Problems Making Good Power. I Think Jerry Should Just Build Grxp And Sell Them For Like $10k. He Could Buy 2001 Gpr 800s For $3000 And Throw The Rxp Motors In.

    Buy The 07- U Wont Regret It-- 75 Mph For Roughly $10k

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    Warranty repairs are character building. lol
    Don't through in the towel so easy. You will get it sorted out.

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    Ultra Junkie; wait until 2008 models are announced, you're too close not to.
    All I can tell you is our RXT's have been virtually bullet proof, not 100% but darn close. Took on an Ultra about three days ago, that 250 is fast but the RXT is hard to beat bro, neck and neck with my fat azz and with my son on his RXT, no way, he slowly pulled away from that 250 hands down and that's with original wear rings.

    RXP is awesome I love them. I raced a 2007 RXP across the lake last week, same thing; neck and neck with my ski, and my daughter on the other he could not stay with her. In fact he went over congratulated my daughter, told her "you don't see alot of girls who can pin the throttle all the way across a lake like that." Stopped and talked with this owner for a long time, he is a nice guy and I told him, "get RID of those ceramics, go to". I am NOT brand loyal, a Yamaha guy at heart actually. Nontheless, the RXT's have always started, they continue to run strong at over 150 hours each and NO DELAMINATING HULLS. That would be my only concern about the RXP, (?) but I will let the experts debate that issue. Just sayin; wait til 2008 and you might consider the RXT.
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