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    Interesting discussion on what we are trying to accomplish with our engines

    I just thought this was a great video to shed some light on a few things for some of us. Most of it is pretty basic, but if you pay attention to a few things you will gain some interesting insight. Good stuff, and can be related to our skis. Some of the cars and engines in the clips are just plain badass too.

    Supercharging begins 7 minutes into the first film.

    Turbo charging begins 2:10 into the second film.

    Film #1

    Film #2



    Proper mixture of fuel and air is what an engine needs to make more power. To make more horsepower you need to burn more fuel. To burn more fuel you need to add dense oxygenated air (hence turbo and supercharging).

    If you don't heat the air (technically not possible when compressing it) for every pound of boost you add you get a 7% increase in power.

    For every 10 degrees you cool the air you can gain 1% more power if the pressure reamins the same.

    Engineering is cool.
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    Any one know of a way of feeding fuel in the correct ratio along the accelleration curve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smc View Post
    Any one know of a way of feeding fuel in the correct ratio along the accelleration curve?

    Its called dyno tuning. And it takes a damn good person to do it,,,along with time. Its pretty much trial and error. Yes,,,motors go boom on the dyno sometimes.

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