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    Flywheel off------Finally

    Got a chance to work on the SLT 780 this weekend. Yanked the engine, after pulling the driveshaft and upon inspection the threads in the flywheel they were GONE. Got out the tap and die set and tapped it one size bigger. Installed puller and used impact wrench after what seemed like forever I had a loud pop and ( no nothing broke) the flywheel was OFF!!! Replace the idler gear reinstalled flywheel, cover etc. installed engine back in hull. Here I am fat, dumb and happy thinking I will have the machine in the water by the upcoming weekend and I pick up the carrier bearing to install it and it rattles. After inspection I find the bearing is destroyed. After searching around I find one and order it ( should be in by Friday). My question to everyone is has anyone found a part number of a bearing and oil seals to replace the ones in the carrier and do it for less than 50.00???

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    I think beerdart has the #'s

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    Search tech section for propulsion I believe. BD did list them. Let us know what you end up paying please? Also there should be at least 1, if not 2 O rings.

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    Hit your local bearing house, they can measure them up if there are no part numbers.

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