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    What are the reasons batteries die???

    OK, all of our batteries have died!!! Mine wont hold a charge, my brothers wont hold a charge and the back up ski has a dead battery. WHY!!! They were working fine and now they are crap. My question is whether heat kills a battery? It's been over 100 for the last few weeks and we were thinking it might have hurt the cells. Should we pull them inside when we are done? I would hate to have to do that but if it keeps me from buying a new battery then I could put up with it.

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    The real reason for short lived batteries -- sulfate. The formation of lead sulfate on the battery plates is the main reason batteries act dead, and yes, heat can lead to the formation of sulfate. Some say it's the number one cause of sulfate formation.


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    How's the electrolyte levels in the batteries? Improper fluid level, overcharging, and undercharging will consistently kill batteries. Also, were they allowed to totally discharge? I believe every time that occurs, a battery loses something like 10% of it's capacity. I know mine at least isn't a deep cycle, would imagine yours isn't. Too much heat is definitely no good for batteries either.

    I've just rebuilt my ski and still trying to get on the water so I'm a ski noob, but it's just like a motorcycle battery. When I'm not riding for more than a few days, my bike's on a battery tender.

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    never heard of batteries needed to be taken out of a boat to be inside somewhere under air conditioning. what brand do you have? pariscell?!!!

    measure the electrolyte level in the batteries. if the level of one cell indicates weak/dead.,

    then theres your problem. are these new battereis? do you know the history of them huh?

    during winter times when the boat is not being used, the battereis need to be maintained. they are to be tricled charged at a low amp (2 amp) rate for a couple of hours at least once a month. if not battery life is reduced considerably.

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    I've had mine for over a year and had a stator that wouldnt charge so it's understandable. My brother put a new one in this summer and his is dead also. He never had any problems, never ran it down, never had to worry about it. It has always cranked hard and true.

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