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    97 GTX wont start

    Let me start by saying I know very little about sea-doo's. That said, my friends ski wouldnt start this weekend. When they attached the key it flashed low 12 volt. There was a very low beep. The ski wouldnt turn over until you pulled the mag plug, turned the ski over then put the plug back in and it would turn over. (when I removed the plug I noticed they were running a B8ES plug NOT a BR8ES.) They stated they ran all last season with a non-resistor plug. Wouldnt this cause damage? They also said they jumped this boat alot last year. I was under the understanding you arent to jump a sea-doo due to their electronics. I havent gotten in to checking anything in the box I figured I would wait for a response from you guys as to what direction I should go. Im waiting on a new battery to charge while I post this.
    Thanks for any help on this

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    You are right...non-resistor plugs will mess with the MPEM. And jumping it will fry the rectifier and stator, and possibly the MPEM. No double beep when you install the lanyard? After you install the new battery and change the plugs...if it starts measure the voltage at 3500 rpm, at the battery posts, and see if it is above 13 volts.

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    Got the new battery in and didnt have 2 beeps so I took it to the dealer and bought a new key. Seems as though there were 5 other keys programed for this ski they cleared all of them and programed this new one and it fired right up. Im not saying there wasnt a problem with the wrong plugs and the numerous jump starting of this ski but it runs for them now so they arent looking for anymore potential problems. They have the right plugs in and are under strict orders NEVER to jump it or run a non-resistor plug. Thanks for your help!

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    you can jump it, just don't jump it from a running car as the extra current will fry the electrics.

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    So a sea-doo can be jumped from a jump box or another ski?

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    I have done it many a time with no ill effects, don't use a car/boat battery...especially one that is running.

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