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    Blowby issue??????

    Gentlemen, I searched many threads and I just need a little "newbie" clarification on blowby.
    I recently modded my 06 RXP w/ RR S3 wheel, Piranha, IC, 42# injectors, intake, exhaust, you know,...the "usual".
    I'm now getting a lot more blowby, especially noticeable on the seat flange of my cowling, (black part of housing) on the right side of engine if you are facing front. I realize I'm pushing way more air now, and have a catch can coming as we speak. Yep, it's mostly gas, (I had me a taste test ). Is this fairly normal? Kinchel had a great post and a few others lead me to believe I shouldn't be concerned yet.
    Any other advise / experience you guys wish to share????
    Thanks, Steve

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    not sure about blow bye problem but i not sure if you can run those mods with stock ecu might pay to ask someone with more knowledge i beleive they told me i could run those with no intercooler and stock ecu but if i add intercooler have to add ecu good luck

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