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    Angry Can this be fixed?

    So I let a friend of mine ride my 94 Raider yesterday.... Somehow the dumbshit rode it up onto the shore and into a tree. I cant believe it happened, I just dont understand how you can be so fucking stupid!!! He's lucky he didnt kill himself because a foot to the left and the ski would have gone under the tree but his head wouldnt have(it kinda hung down over the water). I'm a mechanic so nothing on the motor side of these things scares me, but the hull is a whole other can of worms. Is it fixable? Is it toast? The problem is my Raider is damn near perfect. Its been sitting in a garage since 94 and has less than 30 hours on it! I just got it out this year! I'll quit bitchin now and wait for advise. Thanks for any help. Here's some pics... The last one was taken 2 days ago
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    WOW!! man tough luck i bought my 96 waveraider and the nose where the pin goes through at is broken off so im working on getting it fixed

    hope you can get it fixed easy, good luck

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    Seen worse fixed before yes it can be fixed

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    Those Are Just Scatches Man!! Get Ya Some West Systems Epoxy And Fiberglas Cloth. Sand Down To Bare Glass On The Ski , Inside And Outside, Paint With Epoxy, And Start Laying Glass Saturated With Mixed Epoxy. Bulid It Up And Then Start Sanding Down To Original Shape.

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    Just as Carver said, grind off the gel until you get to the glass. Then grind out the cracks a little more. Mix up some West system 105 with 206 and 404 filler and spread the filler into the crack lines that you ground out. Once you get this in there then paint the entire ground out area and lay some 11 or 12 ounce cloth over the area, probably three layers or so. Make sure that the first piece is smaller than the next piece and keep extending the patches larger than the last one. Do this all in one step. Once you get three or so layers on then take some nylon and press the nylon as the next layer. Make sure the nylon is several inches larger than the patch. Once this cures for 18-24 hours pull the nylon off and sand the area. Use the west system 105 with 206 and 406 or 410. West System has a great website that goes into how to fiberglass areas. If you have any questions PM me and I will try my best to help.

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