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    Carb fuel pump primer...cold starts.

    Hey, I read somewhere about putting a primer on an STX...I have a 900 STX and am running into the cold start thing...that's the only problem I can find with this ski...can anyone help me or point me in the right way on some info about these and some "how to"?

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    I havnt done one with those carbs but you can "T" it into the existing fuel lines or find a place to put a fitting. It isnt a hard problem and will help with your starts more then you could believe. Just make sure you order a tripple kit. I think Atlantic Jetsports sends directions with every primer kit they sell.

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    I'm on it, thanks for the reply.

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    Riva Motorsports has a primer kit to retro to most skis. I installed one in my ZXi 1100 and it works great. You actually remove the choke pull from the dash and install the primer pump. It should take about 2 hours. Also, if your in the process you should block off your oil pump and go pre-mix if you haven't already done so. This is especially important it your ski is out of warranty. Riva Motorsports also sell the block off kit. Both kits cost about $50.00 together. Good luck

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