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Thread: Hey Hilo Mike!

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    Hey Hilo Mike!

    How's the riding about now! We're expecting some pix from
    you tough islanders! Good luck!

    I'd like to see an Ultra surfing down a 40' wave! Think of the air!
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    Sorry No Pics!!!, But went out at 6am this morning and the waves were only 6 to 10 ft faces. Some 12ft freakswells!! But stormy and just not to good to ride. Me and a freind of mine went out and he was riding my 900STX with me on the Ultra250 with fresh set of PMB9ES. This ski was able to manuever well in the surf and took some flying leaps over smaller chops (fun). Was able to get some good air and distance!!! When it comes to surfing with this ski, well it has alittle to much power and, as we all know, just tap the throttle and you are moving. So with that said, I was looking for that feel good spot to stay within the break of the wave and do some slicing back and forth, surfers call this cutbacks and re-entries. Now I am used to the STX style hull and just getting used to this hull in big surf, so it will take some time to get it right. In fact I used to prefer to ride the 900 in big surf as the 1200 (when it was running) would have to much throttle and foul out plugs quite often at lower RPM's due to waiting for the next wave and idleing around. I have rode 12 and 15F's which does not have this problem. Now when we were coming in the Yami Boy's (FXHO) crew was on patrol out to do some tow ins and were back within an hour due to stormy conditions. Now check this, the Coast Gaurd closed Hilo Harbor today!!! No boats in or out!! This is the first time this has happened in my life. Was really weird to see cruise ships hanging offshore and have to do a U turn in real stormy conditions. This was about 7am this mourning. We stayed out till about 8am and wind started to pick up with rain falling sideways!!! thank god for goggles!!! On the trip back in, I could not get the ski past 30 MPH or else I would be thrown off and this inside the breakwall. had about three foot swells and shorebreaks too!! SO I'm hoping to get more ski time in tomorrow. I am hoping they call off work tomorrow like they did today. we are still waiting for this thing to hit and the eye of the storm has stalled about 90 miles south of the big Island and rain is just offshore so go figure. Hope this report makes sense to all. I feel this witner will be the real test though.

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    keep the stories coming. Tomorrow take the camera and hold on.

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