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    newbie saying hi

    hey guys i just wanted to say hi, i just got a blue 250x saturday, was out all day sunday and after work monday, gotta say this ski is dam quick

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    Welcome blu, glad you like it. Have you been reading and know what to check for?

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    i know a few things like checking the oil level properly and some are overfilled from the dealer and some smell of fuel in oil, loose hose clamps , hood latch opening (so far this is the only thing that happend) fouled out plugs, other then that ive read a few things hear and there, its a great ski,

    i do have one question though... when i am low on fuel to the point that the warning light comes on, how low is it, i mean do i have just enough to make it a mile or 2 back to shore, will i have a few gallons to spare?, i can see there is no reserve

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    Welcome to the forum

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    blu; at least on my ski, the low fuel light = 1/3 tank still in there (7 gals or so).. BUT the stock fuel pickup won't suck all that 7 gallons. So, before I added the R&D fuel pick up, I assumed I had 4 gallons left = 15 miles or so.
    So, the net mileage out of a tank is about 80 miles. Our friends at (they have a killer 250 page, check it out) say that they get 65 miles at mostly WOT. They also note that they can get the fill up to about 22 gallons by burping into the filler hose, but it could result in vented fuel all over the side of your ski if it gets too hot before you go riding.

    The R&D is an easy install and worth it if you do long distance riding.


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    Hi blu

    Welcome to the site, the guys on here are great, and very helpfull, don't be affraid to ask questions, surley most have answerd the same ones about a dozen times!! lol So there's nothing wrong with a Dozen PLUS 1! Big John, PS..Don't freak about your speedo reading low!!! im just guessing it is??? is it?

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