If anyone is interested.....
The AWA National Jamboree in Nashville was great!!! There were over 120 skis from all over eastern U.S. and several RXPs with mods.

Like Gforce I took my first spill last weekend. I busted my RXP cherry in front of an audience at the AWA National Jamboree in Nashville. Competing in the "King of the Beach" race my RXP (stock) running between 50 & 60 made the last turn but I didn't. The judges gave me an 8.9 for the dis-mount. After my second run my RXP took overall second place. First place went to a Yamaha who also won the "radar shoot out" at 84.1 MPH. I could not believe his speed. The fastest RXP was 73.4 mph from an RXP from Ohio. He claimed he had "every mod in the book"..yea right! I told him to try GreenHulk.Net and get with the Big Boys! :P

Saturday, the Poker Run was OK. Four 2s pulled 15 mins before deadline won the new ski, Sed-Doo 3D. My wife and I pulled a "bunch of crap"

But in the end, Sunday my RXP with OPAS, took FIRST PLACE in the Slalom X Challenge. I plan on removing OPAS and giving it a try. I've been ridding over 10 years and with Hulk's post about "training wheels", I must

It was great an a lot of fun, in spite the embarrassment of busting my ass! If you have never attended an AWA Jamboree, you should give it a try. Its a lot of fun and it's great meeting with others who love this sport.

"Riders that never bust their ass are not pushing the envelop!"