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    Running out of ideas and patience with 98 GTX RFI

    History: Doo starts off O.K., runs hard at WOT. Stop at beach for refreshments, take off again and bam………… bogs and wont run above 3000 rpm. Pretty sure it’s running on one cylinder.
    Changed plugs (twice), trimmed back plug wires, checked electric box, removed and cleaned rave valves, greased PTO, checked battery and connections, put back in water and still bogs.
    Daughter capsized last week but got it up right away. Can this make a difference?
    Plugs seemed a bit wet when changed and did not smell like gas or oil.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    grasping at straws

    Anyone that can chime in with ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, what is the best way to check a rectifier???

    Still stumped,


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    are you getting any '12v low' messages on the display? could be the rectifier. also, are the vacuum hoses hooked up to the raves and solenoid?

    edit: to check the rectifier, put a voltmeter on the battery while revving the engine to 4000 rpms (if you can rev it that much). should be in the 13-14v range

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    Running out of ideas and patience with 98 GTX RFI

    Thanks JayZ

    Yes I do get 12v low at start up. Changed my battery last week and still got it. Thought it was a normal start up message.
    I plan on checking my rectifier next week end.
    Just weird that some times it will run, if I change for fresh plugs, and now nothing. Frustration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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