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    Aftermarket parts??

    As I said in my past 2 threads, I am new to the sport and have a history with motorcycles. I was wondering if ski's had aftermarket parts like bikes do? If so, where would I go? Just got an '07 GTX Limited and if I could, start buildin it up.

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    You can purchase parts for more reliability. You can purchase parts to get close to 80 mph, or more (turbo? )

    And just about anything you may need can be found at

    start reading up.

    1st mod should be Jerry's $90 heavy duty metal clutch washers for your '07 supercharger.
    If you don't change your washers, your ceramic ones can easily shatter and cause massive down time for you. And if this happens when your ski is out of warranty, you're looking at a lot of $$$.

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