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    2007 GTX Limited

    My bro just picked this up yesterday (his first ski (mine to)) and I was just wondering if there is anything that I should know about it. Took iy out for a little while yesterday (not to hard, just breaking it in) and that thisng is crazy! I got on it just a little bit to see what it has, and man! 215hp with a super charger will launch you. The thing is a blast but if anything has to be done to it, I will most likely be the one doing the work. What should I look out for or know? I am new to the sport but have a history with motorcycles.

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    Read up on the SC Clutch Failuer and SC Rebuild Service.

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    Change the washers before its too late.

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    di toe

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    Change out the SC washers to the metals

    You have been warned

    No sob stories later

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    check the FAQ and how-to section.....welcome

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    I Have a 2007 GTX-LImited and sure as the previuos replies have said get the ceramic washers on the supercharger before yours shit and leave you stranded. I installed a Riva Stage1 on mine which consisted of the cold air intake, the pump wedge replacement, the opas spacers, the upgrade on the prop. I also installed the Riva sponsons and let me tell you this beast has awaken, all in all I've probably spent and extra $1800 but its well worth it. The speedometer reads close between 69-70 depending on water conditions but if you use your speed reading from the GPS it will read a little less as this is a true reading. Im happy with and dont have to worry about other skis leaving me in the dust. With your skills as a bike mech the Stage1 install should be a piece of cake. Just follow the instructions you'll do fine. Good luck!

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