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    Metal Washers and Oil (like sex and candy)

    Has anyone with metal washers gone to either a reduced friction dino oil or a regular synthetic oil? I'm just curious: if you shim your clutch pack for a higher slip moment (say 140-190 in-lbs), what would be the effect of going to a full blown synthetic such as Mobil 1, Castrol Synthetic, Royal Purple, Red Line, or the full blown Amsoil (not the m/c type)? Would the increased clutch-pack slip moment be enough to offset the extra slipperiness of the oil? Would it try to slip too much and burn up from not having the additional oil spray of that mod kit that sprays a ton of oil on the washers? Or, would everything be good in the land of Seadoo?

    The reason I ask is because it is too bad you can't run the low friction oils in our skis. You can in the Kawasaki's and you pick up hp that way. The biggest benefit of the low friction oils is that you get just that -- less friction. If you use the non-friction modified oils such as the Amsoil for motors with wet clutches, your biggest benefit is that you get a very stabil synthtic oil, etc, etc, but not the reduced friction in the motor. The reduced friction is what really keeps it from wearing out as fast and also frees up hp. I know the 800-Amsoil dude will come on here and talk about how great the oil is (and it is, no doubt), it's just that it would be so much better if we could use the low friction versions and just tighten up the SC clutch.

    I run full synthetics in my motorcycles and it makes the tranny clutch less grippy. I've then subsequently added additional/stiffer springs to the clutch pack and it MORE than makes up for the slip. In my V-MAX with Mobil 1, 0W-40 in it, you can power shift through each gear without backing off the throttle and it has no slip whatsoever. It either wheelies or frys the tire, depending on mood.

    Has anyone tried this in their Doo? If so, what are your results?

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