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    Still Chasing RPM loss

    I have two 1300s built the same, both have always run the same rpm and the same speed. Now all of a sudden one of them lost 50-60 rpm and about 1 mph.

    Thing I have already checked include.

    I have changed head gasket
    Checked the reeds - OK
    Checked and adjusted power valves - OK
    Tried a different EFI controller - no change
    Pulled pump and checked bearing - OK
    New plugs side gapped and indexed
    Checked Compression - still the same

    Anybody have any ideas?

    2003 1300 GPR 75.9 @ 7090
    Unported and Injected.
    Fercho's Package, and 3 deg key
    Head by Lowell Horning.
    Rossnemos Sonic Boom TB Mod.
    Jims FF Mod Plate & Trim Tabs.
    14/23 Solas DF Frecho Spec from Impros.
    Riva 1200 Grate.

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