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    ok im new at this but i know after i ride, i should flush the ski but what else should i do and how do i do it.

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    Hope this helps

    If your riding in salt water you should mist the engine compartment with fresh water and dry up what you can with a rubber auto shammy. The next day when all is dry then I would coat all metal parts in engine compartment with some bombardier lube or WD-40. I also spray my the outside of the jetpump and all metal parts on back of ski or boat with some lube also. Make sure the power switch is off, Then put it away till next time. I allways check my oil level before heading out on the water. I change my engine oil and oil filter every 25-30 hrs. The book says every 100 hrs. but I would never let it go the that long without an oil change.

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    thanks for the advice but what is a rubber auto shammy

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    100 hours is especially stupid since you don't change all the oil. Since you've got to suck it out, you only get two thirds of it. The manual says it holds 4.5 litres and you can expect to change around 3 litres. I usually get between 2.5 and 3 litres, and I change it every 10 hours. I know, that's a lot, but the labour is free!

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