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    gp1200r motor cont.

    this is a cont. of the gpr1200 motor dead got parts on the way was thinkin bout shavin the head but i think ill wait and get aftermarket heads and just get a island racing holeshot kit for now then do heads and powervalves this winter

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending off your stocker head and having it reworked. It will save you money, and the pro who cuts your head will give you tech support to help get your boat running well. The money you save can be used to buy yourself another impeller... something you will definitely need.

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    well just realzed that i could be ringing the other 2 cyls heres my question ive not got the crank out so i will be pulling the jugs so how do i get this mess back together i mean i know i gotta compress the rings but do i do rings and then put the piston back in the jug and try to put the wrist pin back in on the bottom or put the piston with the rings back on the rod and compress and then try to slide the jug over the piston ???or other suggestion

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    come on guys 30 something views and 1 reply help a bro out

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    install crank in cases (make sure bearings are oiled)

    1 cylinder at a time, do cylinder 1 first
    - rings on pistons, you need to use a ring expander tool
    - install 1 wrist pin circlip on piston (the one facing the front of the motor)
    - oil piston, rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing
    - wrap a towell around the connecting rod (to catch anything you might drop by mistake)
    - install piston on connecting rod, don't forget the thrust washers, arrow facing towards the exhaust port
    - install the 2nd wrist pin circlip
    - compress the rings just using your hands (IMPORTANT, make sure the rings are positioned correctly with the locking pin)
    - slide the cylinder down over the piston / rings (make sure the rings stay positioned properly)
    - bolt down the cylinder

    repeat for cylinder 2 and 3

    nothing is required for the gaskets, though I put a light coat of marine grease on any gasket I use

    though Ymaha says no, most gaskets can be reused, however do not reuse the cylinder head gasket

    here is a link for Fernado's engine assembly instructions

    here is a link to download the shop manual
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    when i assemble do i need to put anything on the gaskets sealant oil other

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    Make sure you put the pistons on the rods facing the correct direction. Should have an arrow pointing twords the exhaust.

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    Look in the how do section. I believe Fercho has a sticky for this.

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