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    05 GP1300R D-Plate and Annoying Overheat Alarm

    Hey all...noob here. Lurked for a bit tonight and may have found some help on my problem but thought I'd go ahead and post.

    05 GP1300R all stock but D-Plate and Free-Flow Exhaust from RIVA. All work done before I bought w/ 55 hours (now 66). Previous owner did not have chip installed and reported no alarms. On my first ride out, I experience alarm and installed chip. Still alarmed. Swapped chip out of my XLT1200 and still alarmed.

    Finally called RIVA and they reported that this is a problem w/ some GP1300Rs. Told me that one way to cure this "for sure" was to remove the probe and tie it off in the engine bay somewhere with it plugged into the harness. Then plug off the hole in the exhaust and all should be fine.

    Well...not fine. Still alarming. So now I'm really confused. The only thing I know to do at this point is put it back in and use a 10K resistor instead of a chip. Or...put the C-Con back in (not my preference). If you use just the resistor, how does that work? Do you just plug the resistor into the connector? How does it stay put?

    Looks like a great forum and I appreciate the help in advance.

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    mine still does this ocasionally. it is the resistance of the chip. mine just comes on mostly when i am really riding hard and coming out of the water alot. i just hit the silence button and ride some more. then i let it cool off for a mintue or 2 and im good to go. contact wfo , we spoke about this exact thing at mudbug

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    Thx for the reply. Think I may try a 10K resistor. Do you just cut the ends down, push it into the connector and tape it up?

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