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    Shimming Pre-FF J-Plate?

    I finally put on the J-Plate that Ive had for a while, and was wondering if it would help to shim it like the FF plate? Should the sides (angled parts) be even with the pump shoe, or the center flat surface?

    The ski bounces a lot with the plate so Ill be stepping the sponsons, but was wondering if that would affect the handling? I like to play around alot, so I want my ski to slide a bit.

    Also, one of the speed sendor screws is missing on the bottom, and I was wondering if that is slowing me down and if I shoul fill it with epoxy so water doesnt catch on it.

    Finally, what results can be expected with the J-PLate for the FX HO? How much speed and how much $$?

    Thanks, and the plate is awesome, Jim, I just have to get it dialed in.

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    You can shim it alittle, But the FF works better because the sides are machined. And it handle a little better. Send you j plate to me and i can turn it to a FF for $60 plus shipping and it's about 1 mph. faster. On the FX-HO the R&D plate is on back order for 2 weeks give me a call to see if you want to go with the riva plate or wait for the R&D.
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    Thanks Jim. I'll see how much I can get out of the ski, before upgrading to the FF, because this plate is going to end up costing me $500

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