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Thread: Should I?

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    Should I?

    I have 27 hrs. on my ski. Should I change the wear ring? I'll proly have to mid way through the summer anyway, Haven't noticed any cavitation yet but I think its only a matter of a few more hours. Is the SS wear ring worth the $ ?

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    How many hours till you need to change your wear ring? What exactly does it do?? and is there anyway to tell when its bad??

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    Re: Should I?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Townsend
    I have 27 hrs. on my ski. Should I change the wear ring?
    If you have no ill effects... cavitaiton, lost rpm, sudden impact with a manatee followed by red blubber exiting your steering nozzle (I'll probably catch s#!+ for that one) then I'd say run it as is.

    "Is the SS wear ring worth the $ ?"

    Probably... I'm sure I'll succumb to that mod before the year is out.


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    I copied this out the service manual. Maybe it'll help. Check the wear ring around the impeller in several spots. If it's like mine, it will be worn on one side or the other.

    Impeller/Wear Ring Clearance
    This clearance is critical for jet pump performance.
    Clearance can be checked from water inlet opening
    or from venturi side. However, the last method
    requires more work.
    To check clearance from water inlet side, remove
    inlet grate.
    To check clearance from venturi side, remove venturi/
    nozzle assembly.
    Using a feeler gauge with 30 cm (12 in) blades,
    measure clearance between impeller blade tip and
    wear ring. Measure each blade at its center. For
    GTX 4-TEC clearance should not exceed 0.35 mm
    (.014 in). If clearance is greater, disassemble jet
    pump and inspect impeller and wear ring. Renew
    worn parts.

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    pull it out and turn it around.... you'll get through the summer nicely.

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