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Thread: Trim Cables

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    Trim Cables

    Trim cables are seized up!! what do i do?

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    replace em

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTNWRECT View Post
    replace em
    but try to free them first...good motorcycle shop will sell out a cable oiler

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    trying to kix them almost never works.... but its worth a shot.

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    Ok, I think its probably best to just change them out. Where do i buy them?

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    You can get them new from Yamaha, or any of the resellers(too many to mention)

    I got lucky on ebay and got the cables with a spare grip assembly..

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    Make sure it's the cables that connect to the grip (which is probably is).

    I say replace them. They're about $35 per cable and you need to order 2 of them.

    They're probably rusted up and if worked too much they will snap.

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