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    04 Wake hard starting spits and sputters? Bad Gas/foulded plugs?

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Test drove today (owner did for me) 04 Wake. 67 hours... been setting for appx. a year with same gas.. had a dead battery.... nice coat of dust on it. You get the picture.....

    Ran fine on trailer once we put a good battery in it. Idled on the trailer for 4-5 minutes fine. Only reved it real easy maybe 3500 max.

    Hit the water and idle out past no wake.... ran it up to about 5000 or so and cruised for about 20 seconds seemed to be running fine, nailed it for about 5 seconds let off and it spit and sputtered like it was running on one or two cyl. Im instantly thinking bad gas, fouled plugs! Held it wide open to try and limp back to ramp and would not rev over 3500 or so... was surging the entire time. Finally died. After cranking it for a while finally got it stated and sputtered back and got it on trailer.

    Guy wants out of it..... long story. Told me to make him an offer. Your thoughts? Price and problem?

    I promise you the gas is not the best (smells sweet), and I am guessing prob. fouled a couple of the plugs. Any other damage? Or does is sound like something totally unrelated to bad fuel and plugs? It will start, but you really have to crank it.

    Just trying to get an idea of worst case scenario if I do throw him an offer.... is it the old drain old gas, plugs and and oil change and go. Or am I looking at much more?

    Also, this is simple I am sure (little fluid film probably) but start/stop button is really hard to use. Your really have to push on it to get it to start/stop.

    Again, thanks in advace for your guys/gals help

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    I bought an 05 GTX-SC a few months back that had very similar symptoms. It would idle and rev on the trailer with no load just fine. It would also idle in the water just fine. When you squeeze the throttle to go it would sputter and 'bog' down consistently. On the initial test it eventually started to 'clean' itself out after several attempts and much patience/frustration at near full throttle attempts. We took it off the water and changed the fuel. The next day the same thing happened. I checked as much as I could without tearing it apart, asked several questions on this forum and decided to buy it for $6500 with 32 hours. I brought it home, changed the oil and plugs and ran it. It ran really good I was thrilled. I then tore it appart to change the SC washers. Runs really good. Now I figure I can put about ~$1000 to upgrade a few things and get mid to upper 60's for less than $8K. I had no problems with the start/stop button.
    Where was the boat sitting for all this time? Previous owner said it was garaged and was for part of the time but I think it spent months outside sitting. As a result the driveshaft was really rusted. Even though there were no leaks at the carbon ring or problems with thrust from leaks I tore it apart and am changing the driveshaft and all the seals and orings. The prop needed to be changed after the mods I did anyway. The foam 'anti skid' pads were all dull and dirty. This was more cosmetic than anything. Therer are some KOOL pads that guys have on this site in avitars and plenty of posts. For now, I washed them...still dull after drying. I tried spraying them with a little WD40 let it sit overnight then washed them off so they would be skid pads. They cleaned up nice and look like new nice and black. Not as good as the aftermarket stuff but that will come. Check the bolts on engine components to see if they have been removed. Look for tell tale signs that someone has been in the engine. If it looks good make an offer given the chances and run!

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    prop thanks for sharing. Sounds like im right on. A few hours of cleaning & waxing, Drain gas, change plugs and do an oil change and Im good to go.
    It has sat inside the entire year. I look the motor over good. Little corrosion here and there, but does not look like it ever been torn apart. Engine compartment rinse and some fluid film and she will look really nice.

    Any other complications of running it with bad gas? Plugged injectors, ect..... I feel like im missing something and it cant be as easy as new fuel and plugs and im golden.

    Thanks again.

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