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Thread: Octane fuel??

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    Octane fuel??

    I use 89 octane on the stock gp,would 93 make a difference??

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    maybe, maybe not.. all skis are different. like my ski runs great on 91 but my last one was best on 89... its one of the things you have to experiment with... i would go and do like half a tank with like 87,89, 91, 93... and then see which is best!

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    A stock GP or GPR will only need 87 octane. It will make more power with 87 octane than 89 91 92 or 93. Now if you up the compression with an aftermarket or milled head higher octane is needed and the ski will run better with it. Other wise you are wasting your money.

    I do though run 89 octane on hot days when i am running the ski hard.

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    i am done for tonight man.. i am going to wind up blowing myself up....i had a couple of fires in my boat trying to flush the water out.. does that make sense to you?

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    ( Stock GPR ) will have its best performance using 87 octane. Don't waste your $ buying higher.

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