Need help with a GSXL I purchased. Ski was parcially submerged. Engine is out for rebuild, carbs were a mess internally so I purchased a new set. Have replaced all fuel & oil lines and flushed everything. Engine is getting a stage 1 kit, water box is being modified and some other things I learned to do from you guys to bring up horse power and speed. Pump was distroyed, plastic vanes torn out. I purchased a "Seadoo high performance 10 steel vane pump" off ebay. The part number is 271001290, which does not cross but is is a Bombardiar pump. The best I can find out from the part number of a seal behind the impellar is it came from a '02-'05 GTX. I was told it would not fit, different bolt pattern. It fits fine. Everything lines up. It came with a modified shaft for my GSXL and a seal carrier and nozzle. Will it work? What impellar should I use with the mods I've done? Is this a 4-Tec pump? Any other suggestions while the engine and pump are out?