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    Another Ramp Idiot

    We Were Gassin Up A Buddies Boat Yesterday On Old Hickory Lake, When Gomer Tells Us He Had His Chrome Dipped Jet Ski Trailer Stolen Last Nite. Then He Tells Us That His Ski, Which Was 900cc Until He Bored It 40 Over To 1300cc Runs 90 Mph!!
    We Started In On The Smart Ass Comments But Ended Up Just Laughing Our Asses Off! The Dumb Ass Punk Probably Don't Even Have A Ski!

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    hmm, I'm known for overthinking things..

    I'm stuck on his claim that he bored his 900cc engine .030 over and somehow he ended up with 1300cc's?

    .030 is .06 inches of increased diameter.. no way that can add another 400 cc's. What a douche.

    So, if you bored a 900cc engine 30 over - what would you end up with?

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