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    Question 2006 STX 12F Idles too high. please help

    Recently my jetski has been having a problem where it's idling at 2500rpm instead of the normal 1200. The F1 indicator came up on the display and i'm not sure why. I opened up the jetski and found a broken wire in the throttle which I fixed along with changing the plugs. The problem persisted and the F1 indicator is still on. What could this mean and how can i fix it?

    Also when checking the connections on the entire jetski I found moisture in a lot of them. Is this water leaking into the connections or something like a lubricant that the manufacturer might have put on there? should i spray anything on these connections before i reassemble the jetski?
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    in the owners manual it says that f1 comes on if engine related parts fail to function properly
    it says return to shore and have the ski looked at by the dealer
    depending on the nature of the problem the engine rpms is automatically controlled to 3000rpm
    not sure if this will help you but thats all it says in the book

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