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Thread: Lake Caddo ride

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    Lake Caddo ride

    i was just wondering if anyone was interested in getting a group together to ride at caddo? i havent been out much all summer, but i should finally have another ski to ride after this weekend.

    i know there is a supercourse race this weekend (aug 11/12) and i dont think nationals are until sept 15 or so. also im not sure when school starts for most people but i was thinking the last weekend in aug (sat 25-sun 26) might be a good time. not to far in the future to forget but far enough to still plan for.

    any thoughts?

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    don't everyone reply at once now....

    this is on the border of texas and louisiana, by the way. awesome cruising and flat water for everyone.
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    There is a few of us that want to make this a weekend trip. Right now, most weekends are booked. But that is a lake that we want to ride

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    I'm in the same boat. Too much goin on and I'm buying a house and hopefully moving in on the 4th of Sept.

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    Welllll hell- We've been wanting to get out for a Caddo ride-- and now we're moving from the Piney Woods to HOU !!

    If the weather's permiting, we'll try to get out to Lake O The Pines for a bit on the 8th to take a break from packing.

    I'll keep an eye on the thread- mabye we'll get a chance before we move and the summer ends.

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