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    Intercooler backpressure FAQ

    from a website :
    This is why I think I'm going to do 3" on the IC to TB. I'm going to try 2.5 first though. Doesn't the air expand when it cools down adding to air volume ?

    Back Pressure


    However, if you restrict the airflow too much by narrowing the passages on the compressor side, then you build up back pressure. Too much back pressure creates extra work for the turbo as it tries to overcome the blockage, generating more heat for the intercooler to deal with. This is one of the most difficult compromises during the design process. It is often less a matter of engineering than black art. Each change creates other changes that may or may not be beneficial, depending on the installation. The cooling air side is the most challenging. Most designers believe some back pressure is necessary to ensure the air flow through the core. Depending on the velocity of the air, you can expect some pressure drop from one side of the core to the other. However, in some installations where the geometry and core size work out, the designer relies more on ram air effect, and there is little or no pressure drop across the core.

    A key factor is the airspeed through the core. The air needs to be in contact with the metal long enough to transfer heat. Too fast a flow for the core design and not enough heat will transfer. Too slow an airflow can cause problems with stagnation and drag. Trying to move too much air through a fairly open core can also cause problems because the ratio of airflow moved to heat transferred can get very small. Given the limits in exhausting cooling air in most installations, that can create more drag. But like everything else, it depends on how the rest of the design works.

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    Air contracts or "condenses" when cooling.

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