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Thread: 98 GP1200 probs

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    98 GP1200 probs

    Hi all

    Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem i'm having at the moment with one of my ski's. I was giving my ski a run on the hose and she stopped suddenly. The engine is cranking over but the impeller shaft or whatever seems to be jammed up, prior to this happening, like a few days when I went to start the motor there was a loud rattle/pinging sound coming not from the engine but somewhere along the shaft i think, could it be a bad bearing?? Whats everyones opinion on this, and what am i looking at money wise to get this fixed? cheers

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    rempve the spark plugs and try to turn the motor over by the coupler. if you can't pull the pump. 6 screws and 2 cables. try to turn the motor. if you can, it's the pump. if not it;'s the motor. process of elimination

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