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    slt 750 confused need help

    ok so ill get to the point here. i have a 94 slt 750 and in the storage compartment there is a vent for the fuel tank and another vent with a loooooong clear tube attached to it and its not attached at the other end anyone know where this is supposed to be connected to? im guessing something to do with oil since the line looks as though its stained a little. but im unsure.. help..

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    Battery vent if you use a non sealed battery

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    thanx. i was so gonna put that in the wrong place. lol. glad i asked for help.

    btw on the intake manifold. there is a connection for a oil line and what is the other one for. i only ask cause two of them are blocked off with a rubber boot and the pto side has nothing on it. im guessing this is supposed to blocked off as well????

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    Those are for carb synchronization. I would cap that fiitng too.

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