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    New mods

    As I stated Before I was into cars well luckily I brought it up to one of my friends today the rxt goes in for a look at what I can do custom exhaust wise, intake, and were taking a intercooler of a stock Mitsubishi eclipse side mont and fabbing it. Does that sound resonable?

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    It seems redundant to reinvent the wheel. The R&D has been done for you. Stick with tried and proven parts to maximize your results.

    There are a bunch of cheap home made air intakes that you can do that work very well. Do a search for "air intake mod" and you will come up with lots of neat things.

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    so you would advise against a exhaust and intake im trying to do everything for less.

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    not at all. you definately want some form of air intake and exhaust to replace the stock exhaust hose. My comment was more directed towards trying to retro fit a mitsubishi intercooler on your ski. They have intercoolers on ebay for less than $200. You cant go wrong with that.

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    couple guys have bought the ic that jerry is talking about and are now installing it so there should be some new speeds shortly, stay tuned!

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    What do i look up for the ebay intercooler any brand name or anything? I did a search and did not see a brand?

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    A couple of us did the ones at the bottom for 189
    You will need to do a money order or wester union is quicker.

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    Do you guys just plug the fitting or do you acutally use the water part? I might have to get one of these also what do you use for plumbing Im used to aluminum piping. so trying to switch from automotive to marine is alittle difficult

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