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    need advice on pump support repair

    I had a piece of the pump support that is directly above the three bolts that fasten the rear of the grate on break off and lodge in the impeller. It also broke off one of the plastic vanes on the pump support. I need to fill the missing chunk with something, maybe epoxy. Any suggestions wold be appreciated. Also what about the broken vane...can I do without it?

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    Your probably going to need a new pump shoe. You have pics?

    Unlessthere is a way to undo the grate and epoxy a new piece in there. But I would just go with a new pump shoe. 155 dollars or so on jerrys parts finder for your jetski.

    Lots of work involved but this way you take care of the broken plastic vain, as well as the broken piece above the threads of the intake grate.

    go here.

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    Same thing happened to me... I had to remove and replace my pump shoe~~not fun~~ and send my prop off to have it re-pitched..
    Check around alittle in your motor compartment; Check your motor mounts,check your drive shaft, carbon boot...
    I say check all these things because my motor mount broke, carbon boot failed and my pump shoe broke at the same time.. I never did figure out why they all happened together, other than just alot of horsepower. But can't hurt to check.
    Anyway, don't fill with epoxy. Replace pump shoe

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    Thanks guys....I decided to try fiberglass resin to get me through the season and then replace. The local boat store fixed me up with some kind of powder to mix with the resin and it worked very well. Just hope it will hold up

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    That would be fine for a season. I had swallowed some rocks and tore up the plastic veins on the pump shoe pretty bad which seemed to cause cavitation.

    I just ended up removing all the plastic veins and leaving the area wide open because they were so badly damaged. Then after that it seemed back to how things were before.

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    I did something similar ... cut out all the 'sharks teeth' in the pump support, dremelled it smooth, then coated it with West System epoxy to add some strength and fill in a little better ... its been like a rock for two seasons now, no problems, no speed loss.

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