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    overheating and low compresion

    Hi New guy here...great site. Did some browsing and searches but i still need help.
    Just bought a 96 waverunner 650. Was out for about 10min when i noticed the cooling sys piss hole water was very HOT, my left foot got burned. The ski started running rough/low power. The next day I checked the compression front cyl 135 rear cyl 75psi. The piss hole with the Hot water is actuly spurting very hot water and has steam I also noticed some residue next to the hole like exhaust soot. i know i have low compresion but whats causing it to overheat? and should the piss hole have exhaust like residue/soot around it? Headgasket? Top End?
    I could use some help here Thanks

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    The hot water is from that cylinder getting super hot.Dont know if it was caused from a lean condition or what.Friction causes heat.

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    I removed the line on the right side of the impeller. I flushed water through it and checked to see of it was restricted to the engine. I didnt see anything wrong. I was told by the previous owner the impeller was replaced last year. The carb is New this season
    Any other cooling sys things i can check?

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    What do the plugs look like ? If it is that hot you should pull the head and have a look.

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    I would say the plugs look ok, I have had a few 2 stroke ATVs and dirt bikes. Im not sure but i think there was water on the rear plug and some water droplets on top of the piston, that is the cyl with 75psi

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    I had the ski back at the pond. There was alot of air comming out the pisser. I was mostly air steam/smoke and would spray some water. I Ran it for about 30 seconds then sat off for 1 min on start up i would get alot of air/smoke out the pisser
    Im thinking the headgasket or maybe the cylinder to exhaust gasket is blowing exhaust in the cooling sys....i will start taking it apart soon.
    Any other ideas?

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    It sound like water is not making through the cooling system. Start at the pump and work your way back looking for blockages.

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    Removed the cyl head, found the gasket blown through in the right rear of the rear cylinder. The Head is junk, it is cracked. The cracks are on each side of where the head gasket was blown out.
    I found a used head on ebay for $25 shipped. The cylinders are in good condition considering it got very hot. I am going to put a new top end in it.
    What is a good Company for a piston kit and gaskets? I was thinking Wiseco kit with gaskets, I found one for around $170 I want a kit that will last a long time.
    Thanks for all the help!

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    Honed the cylinders, new rings, new/(used ebay) cyl head, New gaskets. $110

    Before when i ran on the hose I checked the temp with infred red temp gun, i would hit 200-250 HOT on the cyl head.... Now on the hose I was runing at about 95.
    I would say the over heating is now fixed.

    Funny thing is I got about 10-15 small pebbles, about the size of a BB out of the cooling jacket around the cylinder. They were just sittinf in there!

    Any other tips to keep my ski running would be great, Thanks

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