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    Piranha Parts Racing Intake Manifold/Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Anyone know anything about advertises BIG BOOST!

    They also have a new fuel pressure regulator that allows the use of stock injectors wit ANY setup, S/C and ECU included...if I understand correctly, anyone running it yet?

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    I have one of the Regulators from Piranha. Drops in, in place of factory regulator, runs boost line to manifold and raises fuel pressure at injectors 1lb for every pound of boost. Adjustable, you set it up at 58-60 psi with the key on and go from there. Very easy! Works well.

    Probably not necessary for any one running 10lb's boost or less. 42lb injectors work well with stock ECU and Piranha A wheel or Green wheel. But with any bigger boost #'s I would highly recommend it. Easily tuneable with a good quality A/F meter.

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