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    Psa: Nobody Deal With Ups

    I've dealt with many shipping companies, but by far, the worst to deal with has been UPS.
    Not only has their "inital purchase" customer service been lacking, but they refuse to stand behind their service in general, when something goes wrong.

    Here's the latest drama:

    I bought some parts from a person here on the forums. I've talked personally with this person, my wife has talked with them. They also comes highly regarded from other forum members.(I'm leaving their name out because I havent notified them of this post)

    The packaged totaled 58 pounds, so they packaged the parts in a double-thickness cardboard box, with big bubble wrap and lots of newspaper.

    I recieve the package on time, and noticed that it had LOADS of clear tape around it. Open the package, and I only find two of the four parts inside. (Those parts were a cylinder and piston - 7 pounds)

    I think nothing of it, and send an email letting them know that I recieve their first package.

    They then respond back and tell me that all of the parts were sent in that one box, I look on the shipping label - sure enough - 58 pounds.
    That means that we LOST weight after the package was shipped.

    Further inspection of the package revealed that there was a BIG ASS rip in the side of the box. It was taped up with clear tape, ON TOP of the label. That proves that the tape was applied AFTER the box was ripped.

    I can only assume that the box had been FORCEFULLY abused in transit, and the two heavier items fell out. That doesn't bother me as much as I did not recieve any information regarding the damaged package whatsoever.

    They actually expected no one to notice the issue!

    Now, I can understand, and even defend-to a point- packages damaged in transit. That stuff happens and can't be prevented. But I for one do not appreciate being treated like a fool and just expected to accept this.

    The seller has filed a claim with UPS.

    I recieved a call from a "Claims Inspector" and they say they want to expedite the claim, by simply picking up the box and packaging material.

    I honestly don't know if this is in our best interest, as when the packaging material is gone, we have no more evidence.

    (this space reserved for future news)

    From now on, I will not accept ANY items shipped via UPS, and urge others to do the same.

    Oh, the service I have had the BEST experience with? US Postal Service - Go figure!
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    well, we beat the shit out of boxes as well, but you do get a letter on the box saying it was damaged on transit. I work for the Postal Service. What happens is that sometimes they hire people that can't lift the required 150 to 175 lbs. You know what they do to find out if you can lift it? They ask you, hahahahaha. Of course if you want a job there your going to say yes.
    I worked for Fedex as well, they have a good handling setup for packages, its usually the carriers that will fuck it up.
    Hope it works out for you. Take pictures of everything, even the guy picking up the package from your house and keep it saved.
    UPS and Fedex should have some type of governing policy like the postal service, got a problem call the postal inspector. It will get resolved quickly. UPS and Fedex, they don't really have anyone but their claims department and they will do anything to stop you from getting whats coming to ya.

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    wow, that is really messed up. UPS shouldn't be allowed to bandaid things like that and if something fell out it should have been found and put back in it. if the 2 items missing weighed 51 lbs they couldn't have rolled under a desk somewhere... lol someone had to have stolen it or purposefully misplaced it. and how did they not figure it out unless more than 1 or more packages were opened? really makes me think someone knew they wanted what was in the package.


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    It happens to all the carriers and seems to be location specific! we have a good UPS service and bad USPS !sorry for your grief but I probably would have shipped than many lbs in separate boxes! ( no finger pointing cause who would know)! Z

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    They all damage shit. They just don't care. I had shipped a few hundered bucks worth of parts via ups to a chrome plater 40 minutes away. They destroyed the box, sent it back empty, than denied anything happened. Spoke to a million different people, and didn't even get the INCLUDED $100 insurance. I hate UPS. Fedex is a little better, but quite honestly, the best for me so far has been USPS Much much faster, cheaper and less damage. DHL seems to be OK with packages, just not the service.

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    That looks like a thin cardboard - sometimes the carboard is marked not for shipping or something like that.

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    Zmann is right. It is largly area specific. I have great luck with UPS and sorry luck with FEDEX here in my area.
    My question is, did you sign for this or did they leave it on your steps? If you did not sign for it, then you can say that you would not have accepted it in such poor condition. If you sign for it knowing it is in poor condition, your claim is a little harder to process.
    As for customer service, forget about it, it aint gonna happen with these guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkF350 View Post
    Zmann is right. It is largly area specific. I have great luck with UPS and sorry luck with FEDEX here in my area.
    We have good luck here with UPS and Fed EX, now USPS,,,,, THATS AWHOLE NOTHER STORY

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    You need to package items with the thought that the box will be dropped or thrown from 6 ft in the air. If you can pack it to the point no damage will occur with this in mind, you are good to go.
    I worked at UPS for 17 yrs. I am also glad I am gone..

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    Im not defending them, but since I've worked at UPS for the last 16 years I will say that its not the people that damage the packages, they all know they will get fired in a heartbeat for that (at least at my building). Its the miles of conveyor belt system they use that on occasion gets over loaded and jams up, then all the packages get smashed together and crap flies everywhere. The package might have been damaged on the other end of the building and by the time it gets to the other side there are pieces from lots of packages there so they dont know where each thing goes. They "normally" make note in the computer that that particular package had to be retaped and if the customer complains that its not right then they can easily see that its probably their fault. UPS is a big company that really dont want to upset the customers but they deliver 12,000,000 packages a day so crap will get broken from time to time and they know that. It just sucks to be one of the unlucky people. They will fix it for you.

    I've had problems with ALL the delivery companies including UPS but Fedex has screwed me the worst. Thats a whole story in itself though.

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