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    Please recomend goodies for my 06 RXT!

    I like my RXT but after this summer and I put into storage I plan on adding some mods before I take possesion for summer 2008. That said I am looking to add some things to my ski. I do not want to at all compromise reliability and rather keep price in the 500/$ total region with a max of 750/ish......(OK maybe a hair more if I have to.) So I am either going to get the full Riva stage I kit set up or..... take the words of wisdom I hear from this post and do something else. (already did the washers) Please no recomendations on work I can do myself as I know my limitations and I can not wrnech to save my life!!!! Hey at least I admit it...

    Please advise the list of goodies (product and maker and price) you may purchase (and brief list why on each if thats OK) or vote to just go with RIVA stage I.

    Note: anything to help this barge turn? My ultra 150 (with shredmaster and sponsons) turns on a dime where my RXT turns like an 18 wheeler!

    Thanks all!

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    my .02

    1st- Jerry's metal washers - GOOD JOB
    2nd- Custom 4 inch intake or riva intake, there are threads explaning how to make one
    3rd- Riva Intake grate- 120- helps impeller more effecient, helps hooking up in rough water, may help a little from spinning out
    4th- Solas 14/17R 4 blade- 250- better than OEM
    5th- OPAS competition kit- 17- keeps fins in the up position
    6th- Used Vortech STG2 supercharge wheel- 220- better acceleration, helps turn the steeper pitch impeller

    under $'ll be close to 70 mph

    I have a used vortech wheel for $210.00 shipped
    Brand new Riva intake grate for $110.00 shipped
    Used Riva pro filter kit (everything) $160.00 shipped
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