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    Mansfield, MA
    Location: Easton, MA
    Dealer: Bob's Ski-Doo & Power Center
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Took a few days to fix iBr, limp mode issue, and all current updates

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    Myakka, FL
    Location: Bradenton, Florida
    Dealer: Action Kawasaki
    Comment: Owned by a pro rider (John) friendly service and parts department (Paul in Parts is awesome). Been open since 1995.
    Phone: (941) 745-9521

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramps View Post
    Action Kawasaki, Yamaha, Seedoo, Bradenton Florida.....Just bought my Spark from them and have always used them in the past for yami parts and accessories..... Good people.... Also a bonus is the current salesman was a mechanic there for quite some time, in my opinion that helped me alot......

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    Baltimore, MD
    Location: Easton, MD
    Dealer: Talbots Power Sports
    Rating: Excellent
    Comment: Lisa in sales/manager will take care of you and make sure you are happy. Good pricing on new skis. Friendly staff. No issues so far with warranty work. Worth the drive if you are in the Baltimore/DC area.

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    Sea doo dealers

    Sorry but I have dealt with Broward motorsports in Palm Beach and it seems that they don't know what they are doing. They give wrong info with out doing any research think before you talk. I have worked on skis before so I have some knowledge of them. I've explained to them about the issue and the answer was no buy another ski. If i had the proper tools it would have done it myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by H2HO View Post
    A lot of us here in the Greenhulk community do not require dealer assistance with repairing and servicing our Seadoo watercrafts. However, a lot of us here, do require assistance, whether it is warranty, 10 hour service, major overhaul, or a simple BUDS check service. I see a lot of threads which complain about many dealers and are happy with some. Therefore I would like to start a thread which pinpoints "Recommended Seadoo Dealers" in your area to prevent new people to PWC or new people in a new area/city to go to the right dealer. Please make your post short and simple with location, name of dealer, rating= good, fair or poor only, and a short comment.


    Location: Las Vegas
    Dealer: Las Vegas Powersports, Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas,NV
    Rating: poor
    Comment: took them 12 weeks to repair my engine after sc failure

    Please be honest and fair. Thank you.



    Nameesert Dog Off Road & Fab.
    Location:Fountain Hills,AZ (480) 837-0068
    These guys are a BRP only dealer so they dont have to worry about other brands,just by talking to them you can tell the difference.

    dealer:ride now motorsports
    location:chandler AZ
    rating: excelant
    comment:they were nice and quick when they replaced the washers and bearings in my rxt and also changed oil and coolant becuase the ride now in glendale screwed up the lights on my trailer



    Location: Fresno, CA
    Dealer: Clawson Motorsports
    Rating: Good
    Comments: Awesome Service/Sales…..
    Comments: Freibe knows his stuff. I'd drive 10+ hours to have him wrench on my ski.

    Location: Fowler CA
    Dealer: Diablo Motorsports
    Rating: Fair
    Comment: are really good to deal with.
    Comment:Fowler parts people are cool, know their stuff, usually cut me a deal and prices are cheaper then other places (before discount), service not that good.

    Location: Covina,CA
    Dealer: Bert's Mega Mall
    Rating: Good
    Comments: A lot of really cool salespeople. They drive a hard bargain, but if you drive right back, you will get what you want. Great Service Department. If you do go there, ask For Josh Elrod. This guy is sharp and he will take good care of you.


    Location: Long Beach Island
    Dealer: Surf City Marina
    Rating: poor
    Comment: rebuilt my sc but didn’t clean my pumps or engine

    Location: Tulare CA
    Dealer: Tulare Honda/Seadoo
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: sucks since son took over from his dad
    Comment: horrible, parts are over msrp, slow to help, nobody I've talked to has anything good to say about this place.

    Location: Bakersfield, CA
    Dealer: Fred Cummins
    Rating: Poor
    Comments: Will not work on anything if it’s modified in any form, don’t know what they are doing. Only Randy is very smart, others are no good.



    Location: Millsboro, DE
    Dealer: WMF watercraft
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Great service very knowledgeable about the 4-tec watercraft



    Location: Pompano Beach
    Dealer: Riva motorsports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Riva will take my ski in faster than any dealer, fix it quickly and put up with my shit….Example: Pump shoe replacement- 1 1/2 days, Stage III install- 2 days W/ testing, Motor mount and Carbon seal- 1 day

    Location: Clearwater,FL
    Dealer: Westcoast Powersports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Repaired my sc failure in two weeks. Replaced and cleaned everything.

    Location: Dania, FL
    Dealer: PPG (Perry Performance Group)
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Honest, Great to deal with! I have never had a problem with them! They are my main racing sponsor!

    Location: Orlando
    Dealer: Cycle Riders of Orlando
    Rating: Good
    Comment: I now drive to ORLANDO to Cycle Riders of Orlando to have service done by fellow board member CHEZZY.

    Location: Tequesta, FL
    Dealer: Specialty Watercraft
    rating: Good

    They only sell Yamaha and Sea-doos. Unlike so many other dealers who sell all types of "toys", this dealer specializes in PWC. Their sales staff and tecs are knowledgeable and don't have to be a "Jack of all trades, but master of none" which is common at the supermarket dealerships. For fair pricing with no BS and quick repairs, Specialty can't be beat.

    Location: Jacksonville, FL
    Dealer: Jacksonville Powersports
    Rating: Good

    Specialty Watercraft
    Tequesta, FL
    rating; Excellent

    They are also a Can-am ATV dealer. I have purchased 3 Four wheelers from them, and they always have the best prices and customer service in the area for ski's, and 4 wheelers. Their mechanic lives on my street, and will pick up my ski or quad, and deliver it back when finished (Now THAT'S customer service!)

    broward motorsports of palmbeach
    great people... old owners of rr jettech
    for sales call jaime 561-856-3663
    or Carl 561-702 3406


    Location: Palm Harbor, FL
    Dealer: RideNow (formerly Team Savage)
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: Prices are higher than camel-cock, and service department is awful as well. Took my GTX for a carb rebuild, they did so for $400 without water testing.... burned up on the next trip out because it was way lean. They cost me $2600 for a rebuild and L1 from PPG.

    Location: Dania, FL
    Dealer: PPG (Perry Performance Group)
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: I cannot believe how bad I have been treated after how awesome they were with me....Complete 360. I have no idea what happened...I kept sending people their way and they kept leaving me in the dust....Waiting up to 1+ month for SERVICE while at the same time they took 2 customer I had just recommended to them in no time. Contacted Glen Perry, the owner, and he promised to call back to resolve the issues and its been more than a week now....

    Location: Stuart, FL
    Dealer: Stuart Yamaha
    Rating: Poor
    Comments: bait and switch on financing rate from 8.99 to 14?? Couldn’t tell me what they did for a 10 hr service but charged $200 for it...asked 4 separate people including the owner and they just said there is a list in the manual....ask about the financing and they basically said just pay it off fast!

    Location: Miami
    Dealer: Motorsports of Miami
    Rating: poor
    Comment: Garbage, parts people don’t know jack chit!

    Jetski of miami
    Location: Miami
    Dealer: Jetski of Miami
    Rating: poor plus
    Comment: " Sevices department Garbage"

    Dealer: Motorsports of Fort Lauderdale
    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Rating: Run away as fast as you can
    Service: Needed supercharger rebuild. They stripped all three bolts of super charger and this was after they had the machine for 2 months. They did 100 service and never cleared the computer. The machine was given to them in great condition and after it was returned the rub rail was pulled out and deeply gouged. You get hung up on the phone at least 4 times every time you call.

    Dealer: Jet Trendz
    Location: New Port Richey Florida
    Rating: Very Poor
    Comment: They do not know what they are talkin bout



    Location: Cartersville GA
    Dealer: Extreme Propulsion
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Work done by the book!

    Location: Lawrenceville, GA
    Dealer: Jet Thrust Performance
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Honest, Dependable, Great to deal with, Fast service! Secondary racing sponsor! Not always the cheapest but they know their chit!

    Dealer: Jet Thrust Performance
    Location: Lawrenceville,GA
    Rating: Very Good
    Comment: I just wanted to plug Jet Thrust Performance in Lawrenceville, GA. I came in there Saturday morning, told them what I wanted and the paperwork was done expeditiously. I called them the week before and they gave me the lowest price they could the at the beginning, instead of bickering back and forth with me. They had the lowest price, and really treated me like a friend instead of a customer. I had every question answered and they made sure I was happy before I left. I was out on the water on Sunday. A+ to JetThrust. Ask for Les Fowler, and tell him Jeff sent you


    location: West Chicago, IL
    Dealer: RJ's Recreational Vechicles
    Rating: Excellent
    Comment: They have one of the best Sea-doo techs Rob Bosch. He has done excellent work on all my ski's. No issues, Complaints, ect... Just good honest people. I'm a mechanic myself so I am very picky about work that is done on my toys.


    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Dealer: Xtreme Jetsports & Marine. Rating: Excellent. Comments: Best Dealer in South Louisiana & Mississippi. Can't beat the service from Bruce Taylor



    Location: McHenry, MD
    Dealer: The Aquatic Center
    Rating: Good
    Comment: very good. Sales and service! Purchased 4 new skis and 1 used standup over the years. Very good service techs too. Always done right the first time. Oil never overfilled on the 4-techs!


    Location: Arnold, MD
    Dealer: Pete's Cycle
    Rating: fair/Poor
    Comment: bought my 07 rxp from there and i had to pay for the 10 hr service. 3 spark plugs, oil filter, and 3 or 4 qts of oil, oh and the bill comes out $450 , and me extremely pissed, but the turnaround time was great though.



    Location: Worcester MA
    Dealer: Doug Russell
    Rating: fair
    Comment: Wanted to buy an RXT, Could not find a salesman for 45 minutes. When he finally asked if I needed anything he pointed to an RXT and walked away. Plus they charge $500 setup fee.
    Parts department is pretty good.

    Location: Palmer, MA
    Dealer: Flamingo Motor Sports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Great prices, Excellent service, No stupid extra fees, reasonable document fees and registrations service.
    Only bad thing is its 45 minutes from my house.

    Location: Palmer MA
    Dealer: Flamingo Motor Sports
    Rating: Excellent
    Sales: Very Good Straight forward no BS, extremely helpful
    Service: Excellent Can't say enough about these guys. the Service Manager (Mike)would fit right in on this forum. He is on the ball and well versed in the product and what is needed to keep these toys running. Emails get answered and Phone calls returned. If you ware in Central or Western MA or in the Hartford CT area this is the place to get your SC washers replaced, they do it right.
    Parts: yep there in stock.



    Location: Oakland County Michigan (Bloomfield Township)
    Dealer: Anderson Powersports
    Rating: Poor


    Danners Landscape, Ski-doo, Sea-doo Dealer.
    Location, Inver Grove Heights Minnesota.
    Comment: Once the largest Ski-doo Dealer in MN. They are family owned and operated. Sponsor many racers (sleds and Ski's). Have pulled warrenty parts off a unit still in the box to get customer up and running again. Large inventory of accesories.
    Very much recommend if you live in MN or WI near the MPLS and St. Paul areas.

    2610 US Highway 93 S
    Kalispell, MT 59901
    (406) 752-2112

    Summit Motor Sports Inc
    1804 N Rouse Ave
    Bozeman, MT 59715
    (406) 586-7147



    Location: New Jersey
    Dealer: Brunswick Powersports,South River N.J.
    Rating: fair
    Comment: Took them a week and a half to prep my 07,but had my 10 hr. service done in half a day, actually pushed other repairs aside to accommodate this turn around time

    Location: Lumberton, NJ
    Dealer: Surf and Turf Powersports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: You cannot pay be enough not to go to these guys…..

    Hamilton Yamaha/SeaDoo
    Rating: Good
    Attitude: Good
    inventory: Good
    Hours of operation: Good
    Sales experience: Very Good
    Prep of machine: Poor assembly of steering controls, poor set-up of trailer.

    Overall Rating: Recommended/Good...

    Location: Ledgewood, NJ
    Dealer: Ledgewaood Powersports
    Rating: Fantastic
    Comments: This dealer has gone out of there way to get my ski fixed the proper way after my 20hour superchager failure. They dont mind that I have moded my ski, still under warr., they said unlike Surf City. I think that there prices on skis an't that bad either, but anyway service and parts are super

    Location: Belleville, NJ
    Dealer: Motorcycle Mall
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Got a great deal on my GTI SE, although the ski wasn't ready when I went to pick it up, it still gets a good rating.


    Location: Lumberton, NJ
    Dealer: Surf and Turf Powersports
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: Poor quality workmanship, lengthy repairs, arrogant attitude.



    Location: Syracuse NY
    Dealer: Sportmann Suziki/Honda
    Rating: Good
    Comment: They have tech's that only work on seadoo's and race professionaly... really nice guys/ very knowledgable!!! A++++++++++

    Location: Seaford, NY.
    Dealer: Formula One Motorsports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: First shop were the guys are honest and know what there are talking about.

    Location: Seaford long Island, NY
    Dealer: Formula One
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Very knowledgeable Tech and Staff. Up front attitude. Brought my ski back to life... Thanks again Guys!

    Location: Queensbury, NY
    Dealer: Sportline
    Rating: Good
    Comment: They sell everything sleds/skis/bikes/quads. You may have to wait 2 weeks in season to get in, but if you bought it there they will fit you in to get back on the water…


    Location: Rochester NY
    Dealer: Bryce Marine
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: Most incompetent SOB's I have ever met!!!



    Location: Goldsboro, NC.
    Dealer: Performance East Inc.
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Fantastic sales and service!

    Location: Taylorsville NC
    Dealer: Schronce Power Sports
    Rating: good
    Comments: Not real fast but do a great job….



    Location: Niles OH
    Dealer: Cape’s
    Rating: Good
    Comment: they are top rate fast service .grate with all thing that can go wrong they fix it fast. good job Jeff and crew…

    Location: Crestline, OH 44827 (Mansfield)
    Dealer Name: RPM Motorsports – Crestline
    Rating: Good
    Comments: Great down to earth folks who not only sell and fix these machines but they are actively living the lifestyle. Straight forward and knowledgeable about the products they sell, can’t ask for more! Sales, services the whole experience first rate!

    Location: Columbus, OH
    Dealer Name: ASK POWERSPORTS
    Rating: Fair/Poor
    Comments: Basically a motorcycle shop that sales ski’s. If you need a motorcycle this is a great place to purchase one but a jet ski not very knowledgeable as a group they may have one or two folks who know about skis. I now drive 45 minutes away to RPM for accessories and service while ASK is less than 10 minutes away.



    Location: New Britain, Pa
    Dealer: Smith Marine
    Rating: Good
    Comment: They might not sell the ski at the cheapest price, but there service dept is 2nd to none. and they stand behind their work 100%

    Location: Honesdale, PA
    Dealer: Rusty Palmer
    Comments: They sell everything, bikes, boats, quads, trailers and snowmobiles….


    Tri star in Huntington Pennslyvania. Rating, POOR... They are a Five star Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep car dealership! That should tell you everything you need to know! They sell Bombardier/Can AM products on the side. Unsold merchandise sits outside all year round scatered around the lot behind the dealership becoming weathered looking and is in veryious states of decay and abandonment.



    Location: Summerville, SC
    Dealer: Velocity Powersports:
    Rating: Excellent
    Comment: Charlie & Billy know their stuff!


    Austin, TX
    Dealer: Woodsfun Center
    Location: Austin, TX
    Sales: Great, depending on the sales guy (PM for Name)
    Service: Horrible, They did not do the 10 hr service just an oil change at a very high cost. I can do 3 oil changes for there cost and that includes the oil extractor. There Service tech are idiots, when they brought my ski to me on my trailer they did not have the winch strap or safety chain attached.

    Dealer: Kawasaki City
    Location: Lancaster, Texas
    Rating: excellent
    Sales: excellent
    Service: very good for a small shop
    Comments: They have been around forever and have low overhead, which allows for some great deals. Their prices are the best in Texas on Seadoo and Kawasaki lines. I've been buying there since 1998.

    Name: Action Sports Kawasaki
    Location: College Station, TX
    Rating: 5 stars for price (have no service experience)
    Comments: Best price I found for my '07 GTI SE 155, even nationwide, and only 1 and 1/2 hours from my home in Houston. Angela, the owner, was great to deal with. They carry Sea-Doo, Kawasaki & Yamaha watercraft. Their prices on other models were as good as the GTI

    Dealer: Dean's Marine
    Location: Odessa, TX (they also have Abaline and San Angelo, but I haven't dealt with them)
    Rating: Good
    Comment: They always been straight with me quick to deal with but they do have the dealer knows best mentality that means you have to know what you are buying when you get service(i.e. the ceramic washer thing is overblown).

    Not Recommended:

    Location: Victoria Texas
    Dealer: Dale's Fun Center
    Rating: Sucks
    Comment: I just bought my seadoo and had no idea how to work on it. My buddy sucked up some fishing line and they would not take me seriously because I was only 17. I had to take it to some guy who worked on it in his least he did a good job.


    Dealer: Top Gun Kawasaki
    Location: Smith Mountain Lake, VA
    Rating: Very Good
    Comment: They keep more Sea Doo parts in-stock then my dealer does, fair prices on parts, work on all brands less than 1 week turn around on repairs.



    Location: Olympia, WA
    Dealer: Motor Boat Mart
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: I would think the ideal place would be one that has the smarts in the service area, a good deal of common sense to not be annoying in the sales area and just small enough where they're not backed up for business. I think we often congregate to the best areas and this thread has just screwed us all over for this very reason. It would be interesting to see if these highly recommended dealers are given additional business because of this word of mouth then see next year just how backlogged their service department becomes with all this new business. Sometimes the best kept secret is just that. So with that being said, I recant my statement about the dealer in Olympia being good...they suck so incredibly bad that no one in their right, or wrong mind, should go there and steal my place in line.

    dealer: Steel Dreams
    Location: Burlington, WA
    comment: they want 250 dollars for a ten hour service. and it's like pulling teeth to get the ski in to have them fix the shock on the RXT-X......




    Location: Fenwick, ON
    Dealer: Bieda’s Powersports
    Rating: Good
    Comment: Honest people that have always given me the best price (for machine, access, parts) and trade-in value. Although I do my own maintenance now, I used to rely on them and they were fair and knowledgeable.

    Location: Petawawa, ON
    Dealer: Pete's
    Rating: fair
    Comment: Nice group. Got me out of a few jams. Do not seem to be knowledgeable or unwillingly admit known issues. It's one of those all-in-one dealers-Harley, suzuki, bombardier, honda, etc

    Location: Whitby, ON
    Dealer: Bennet Marine
    Rating: Excellent
    Comments: tops for service

    Location: Toronto, ON
    Dealer: Snow City Cycle Marine
    Rating: Good
    Comments: I have dealt with Snow City cycle from DAY 1 in 1997 when I first purchased a 97 XP... (My first ski)
    These guys have been nothing but awsome to me... They have the Best prices in town.. And I know because I shopped EVERYWHERE before I picked up my GTX..
    The owners are great ppl. too... It is a family business and they are VERY trustworthy...
    I am not sure why they left a bad taste in a forum members mouth.. But everyone I know that deals with them is always satisfied...


    Location: Toronto, ON
    Dealer: Snow City Cycle Marine
    Rating: Poor
    Comments: left a bad taste in my mouth just to deal with them to buy a new ski.

    Location: Toronto, ON
    Dealer: Cal-jet Performance
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: Over priced on everything. Service took three weeks for my 10hr inspection on a GSX. On my RXP the oil level was up two inches past the top bend. Had them do routine maintenance once when my ski was there for body work. Long story but they are the only dealer around that does hull work. When I questioned the oil level they asked who was the mechanic me or them? Will not go back.
    Comment: Cal-Jet is THE WORST dealer in North America.

    Location: Burlington, ON
    Dealer: Burloak Cycle and Marine
    Rating: Poor
    Comment: These guys should not be permitted to fix bicycles let alone power toys. I bought my first ski there (GSX LTD) and it had some issues. When I got it back the exhaust manifold, and water box were lose. They installed the wrong hose between the manifold and waterbox, which eventually exploded. When I called to complain their response was "well there is a lot of parts in there you know"...thank god these clowns are not heart surgeons! Had many other issues, but the above was the last dealing with them. That was 10+ years ago.

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    Who knows what controls the trim on 2016 sea doo????

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    The IBR motor.
    Quote Originally Posted by rramit69 View Post
    Who knows what controls the trim on 2016 sea doo????

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    Not Recommended: Pete's Cycle Arnold Maryland

    The Baltimore location is great. Not Severna Park. They have three shops in MD. I bought my SeaDoo from the Arnold/Severna Park location. I talked to the service manager about and issue with my DESS post. There is a bulletin (attached) about for a tool to reshape the ring on the post if you have trouble mounting the key, which mine does and it is in that production date range. He said he never heard of it and when I asked if he could ask a mechanic he refused, was rude and dismissive. I took the time to write a letter to the manager of the location with my contact information and never heard so much as a peep back.

    It seems the location is rotten to the core as far as customer service is concerned.
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    I purchased my RXTX at Vey Powersports in El Cajon, CA. They gave me a great deal, so I would recommend them. See Zach!
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