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    New Limited Owner Says Hello...

    Just put 4.5hrs on my 05 Limited... and got a great tip from this forum already! Was trying to figure out what my stock peak RPM's should be. Read several posts @ varying ambient temps, sea level & humidity. Then I read the one about having TOO much oil. I was hitting 65.2mph on my in-dash GPS (I love it) at 7750rpm... wondering where my other 300 rpm were? Well my oil level (COLD) is at the top mark... One member said cold should be close to the bottom mark. The Sea Doo tech set the oil level at the shop at the half-way mark (using a garden hose and a few minutes running as - WARM). I'll bet that a truer reading will be after running in 90deg heat up and down the lake will give a more accurate reading. I can't wait to suck some oil out!! And yes I know the 30sec plus 30sec rule. I'll post the results. Btw, me and two other buddies all bought skis last week. One a green RXP, another an RXT and me-the Limited... I couldn't resist the more conservative color (looks like a Killer Whale HA), the tilt wheel, GPS and the depth finder!! The 2.9% financing for 6 years made the decision for me!!!! Ends Tuesday May 31st. Anyway hello to all, Later. Richard in Alabama

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    Welcome Fuelish,

    You are amongst many RXP's and RXT's here. Although, there are a few of us GTX SC's here. I have the 04 GTX SC LTD. You will gain a wealth of knowledge here, and if by some chance the speed/mod bug gets a hold of you, you are truely in the right place.

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    welcome to the board Richard!

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    Congrats on your purchase and finding this've just saved a bunch of money by switching to for your Doo questions and that 2.9% deal!

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