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    I had a " REMOVE EVERYTHING" Party...

    1. I removed all of my stock airbox...Not too bad only took me about 10-15 mins, just gotta make sure everything is off of it...

    2. took out the baffle in my exhaust...this was a bitch...everytime I got it close it just slipped back on...finally I got smart and took a screw driver and pried with the help of WD-40 and it came off...I am going to replace it with a peice of SS 2.5" pipe with a bead of weld at each end to make sure it doesnt slip off...

    3. I also removed my rectafier for the time being... I am thinking of mounting it on the "wall" that seperates the front compartment from the engine area... My idea for that is to buy an amp fan and put it right on it so it blows right on the rectafier..I think that should work great...what do you think?

    4. while I was at it I also greased everything that I usually cant reach during normal up keep...

    5. drank about 6 root BEERS since I am only 16 and I dont drink...right?

    Well all in all it was a good I have to find some 3.5" or 4" tube from that one place and a silicone reducer to hook it to the S/C...

    My only question is what exactly does the plastic tab the extends from the seat that inserts into the plastic thing that held the front vent tube do? And if I remove it will the seat still stay down??

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    be careful where u place ur rectifier because that thing gets hot.

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    I know I was going to just band out a bracket it for it and stick it on the inspection cover with a 80 or 90 mm computer cooling fan on you think that will be enough to keep the thing cool?

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